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Curators & Collaborators

Our Story

Curators & Collaborators

A little like a great movie, the Mill’s restoration was a combined effort from all manner of folk over quite a number of years. From the concept design through to the chaps who kept the site clean on a daily basis during construction - so many people played a hand in bringing about this amazing transformation. Passion, determination and commitment were common to all who were involved.

For many years the Dome Group has been bringing alive stories of local heritage through our community cafes. Even with the adaptive re-use of over 18 listed heritage places under our belt nothing could prepare us for the challenge posed by the Premier Roller Flour Mill. Close to dereliction, this was a building which would challenge very ounce of our wit and capability. The result is a triumph for the industrial heritage of Western Australia. We now look forward to the Premier Mill Hotel being a much loved base camp for visitors to explore all that this exciting region has to offer.

Nigel Oakey - The Dôme Group

The Big Picture

Nigel Oakey Nigel Oakey

Owner & Director
The Dôme Group

Michael Patroni Michael Patroni


Michael Ogilby Michael Ogilby

Masterbuilt Constructions

Nicole Healy Nicole Healy

Design & Project Coordinator
The Dôme Group

The Design

Dimmity Walker Dimmity Walker

Interior Architecture

Paul Morris Paul Morris

Furniture Design & Manufacture

Peter Boehmer Peter Boehmer

Technical & Compliance

Roland Butcher Roland Butcher

Identity & Graphic Design
Roland Butcher Design

Ian Maitland Ian Maitland

Heritage Engineering
Maitland Heritage Engineering

Gemma Dewar Gemma Dewar

Heritage Advisory
Hocking Heritage Studio

Chris Haughton Chris Haughton

Hotel Design Advisory
Shed Architecture

Peter Walker Peter Walker

Hotel Design Advisory
Cumulus Studio

The Premier Mill Hotel is a celebration of the rich fabric of the existing building. Formerly a flourmill it was an ingenious industrial invention of its time. It had become obsolete and the building slipped into disrepair; a similar fate suffered by many handsome heritage buildings of the wheat belt towns dating back to the prosperous gold rush era. In response to our client’s bold vision for tourism in the region we embraced the challenge of re-imagining the mill as a 22-room hotel including lobby, common areas, a café and basement bar retaining, exposing and expressing the industrial texture throughout. The result is a magical story of the building's past, present and future made of layers of times past and times to come, it offers a new vision of the region for locals and visitors alike.

Michael Patroni – Architect, spaceagency

On the Ground

Tim Fitzsimmons Tim Fitzsimmons

On-Site Builder

Daniel Crane Daniel Crane

Site & Machinery Engineering

Brendan Caccamo Brendan Caccamo


Sean Friend Sean Friend


Colin Moss Colin Moss


Brad Groenewold Brad Groenewold


Craig Richardson Craig Richardson


Luke & Danny Luke & Danny


Graham Herron Graham Herron

Specialist Plaster

Kieran Featherstone Kieran Featherstone


John Herbert John Herbert


Michael & Peter Michael & Peter


John Pivac John Pivac


Steele Fitzsimmons Steele Fitzsimmons


Cody Pay Cody Pay


Richard & Neil Richard & Neil

Kitchen Fitout

To watch the transformation from a dilapidated, run-down building to what we have now is amazing. It's the hardest and the most rewarding project I've ever worked on.

Nicole Healy - The Dôme Group